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These assignments must be completed by March 13th. You can reference the readings due by looking at the Course Outline tab or by clicking here. 

ALS Online Assignment Instructions

Google Forms responses come directly to me in an organized spreadsheet. I look through your answers and give you a credit or no credit. I will let you know if you do not get credit and need to resubmit. If I do not contact you about an assignment then I received your responses and you received credit.

1. ALS Intro: During these Google Form assignments you will be asked to consider yourself in a draft post apocalyptic video game. It is 3 years after devastating floods and earthquakes hit the U.S. in the same year, while a nuclear disaster in India, an urban uprising over food shortages throughout Russia, and a mass exodus of pollution related refugees from China. You will want to consider whether you would “join a tribe” or “go it alone.”  Each of the readings and assignments is intended to help you learn how to build the basic building blocks of a legal system in a new society. You can access this assignment by clicking here.

2. ALS Disaster Prep Readiness: These responses position you toward cooperation or “going it alone.” One part of building a jurisdiction is defining citizenship and responsibilities. This understanding serves as a foundation for system analysis from your unique point of view. You can access this assignment by clicking here.

3. ALS Tribes or Forage: In this game style of learning you will be introduced to different characters who represent different utility value sets for a sustainable society. There are eight (8) total characters. Here is the first example: Hi, I am Zander. I am here to help you think about joining a tribal society but first we need to know how to forage. Be sure to open a new browser window or tab so that you can search for answers quickly. You need to complete this assignment in one sitting for the best effect. You can access this assignment by clicking here.

4. ALS Culture Clash: Hi, I am Xavier and I am here to facilitate the beginning of a long discussion about what causes conflict in a society and explore with you ways to build a system to resolve those conflicts. You can access this assignment by clicking here.

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