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Week 1


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Week 2

Section 1 Democracy is not a spectator sport

First Major Reading Assignment – Course Reader: Originalism, the lesser evil.

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Course Reader: I am tired of being labelled.

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Course Reader: Miller v. California & Robert Mapplethorpe.

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Week 3

Section 1 Continued…

Course Reader: Scott v. Sandford.

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Course Reader: In Reflection. Click here.

Assignment:  Reading Quiz 1. Click here.

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Week 4

Section 2: Civic agency must be realized through a confrontation of identity with a moving law and society.

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Course Reader: Clash of the civilizations
Course Reader: Quest for legal sovereignty
Course Reader: Letter from a Birmingham jail
Course Reader: Law, Society & Justice with D+CPAR

Week 5  Week of April 1

Course Reader:Politics of land reform
Course Reader:Meet Asmaa.

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Week 6 

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Section 3 Civic advocacy through critical modern problems.

Course Reader:Brown v. Board doll studies

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Course Reader:Power of self-definition

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Week 7

Course Reader: Planned Parenthood v. Casey

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SPRING BREAK April 19-29.

Week 8 begins April 29

Course Reader: The modern clerkship Ginsberg
Course Reader: In those years with image
Course Reader: Declaration of Independence v Lincoln’s Portrait

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You will pick two readings and one civic engagment activity to write a 3 page reflection piece.

Civic Engagement Activites:

  1. Research a Social Injustice you think is a pressing and important issue. Find three academic sources to cite.
  2. Interview 3 people about their perception of law and identity: what does law mean to them? You can turn in a typed transcript, a video, or audio recordings.
  3. Attend an event on campus at Kingsborough or attend an event in your community that discusses an issue in law or in social justice and take notes + document your attendance (selfie, ticket, etc.).

Week 9

Continue on to Section 4   Civic advocacy through action research in the community.

Course Reader: Marbury v. Madison

Graded Assignment:  Advocacy & Peer Review: click here.

Podcast with KCC and John Jay Graduate Jazmin: click here

Week 10

Course Reader: Behavioral theory of organizations

Course Reader: Federalist paper 47

Week 11

Course Reader: Confronting class

Course Reader: If the war goes on

Course Reader: Plessy v. Ferguson

Week 12

Course Reader: Remix
Course Reader: 2011 Time person of the year
Course Reader: Looking for Palestine

Graded Assignment: Discussion Questions: click here.

Week 13

Concluding Materials Civic development from identity to advocacy through agency is democratic education for a diverse 21st century.

Course Reader: Sotomayor you have to work harder.

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Assignment: Final Essay Due