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I will be on Summer Leave beginning June 13th and will be unavailable. Final Grades will be posted on CUNY First on June 12th.

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An interesting example of how constitutions are constructed and how participation in the design of the rules of law and the content are so important: click here

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 Final Grading: Simply complete the remaining assignments and the final exam. If your work improves so will your grade according to the RUBRIC above.


Final Grade Required Assignments (3 total including Final):  These assignments will be closing May 31. 

Required 2. Find something (poem, song,movie,etc. from  outside of class, explain how it applies law as a tool for order and for resistance, and enter it on the Google Form: click here


Required 1. Reading Group Google Forms – Pick one from A-E below, read and complete the Google Form for credit. Then continue to  Assignment Two further below.

a. Gender/Women: Read The Modern Clerkship” Ginsburg and Sotomayor: You have to Work Harder and Click here to complete assignment.OR

b. Class: Read Confronting Class and Click here to complete assignment.OR

c. Economics: Read Remix or watch the (Documentary Video) and Click here to complete assignment.


d. Humanities in the West: Read If the War Goes On, In Those Years, and Lincoln’s Portrait (Audio below) and Click here to complete assignment. OR


e. Organizational Change: Read Behavioral Theory of Organizations and Click here to complete assignment.


END of semester


Materials Start to Midterm

Video Lecture Overview

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Before you begin reading and completing assignments please answer the following: click here

BEGIN READING the Introduction Section of the Law and Identity Reader



The majority of your work will be submitted to me using Google Forms. You only need to click the link provided in each section, answer the questions, and press the submit button at the end. (See example below):



You should give yourself enough time to answer the questions in one sitting. You should also feel free to use the book to answer the questions. You do not need to ask me whether I received your work if you pressed the submit button; it goes to me directly. I will check in with you if I think you are falling behind.

I am giving you 2-3 weeks to complete each section of work in most cases. This is to make sure you are keeping up with the work to get ready for the midterm, complete your final paper on time and complete the final exam. You may want to work on this class at the same time every week or try to get a bunch done in one day. Feel free to work at whatever pace works for you.

March 4th to March 22


First watch the video below for an overview to the Course Reader and why we made it:


Next Review our Supplemental Website for Resources that supplement the book: click here


Now, complete these 3 assignments this week:

First Assignment: Welcome Questions. Please complete the assignment by clicking here.

Second Assignment: Inquiry Question 1: complete assignment by clicking here

Third Assignment: Complete this Attendance Verification as soon as possible by clicking here.


Section 1 Democracy is not a spectator sport

You should read each of the following readings from Section 1: 

Originalism, the lesser evil.

I am tired of being labelled.

Miller v. California & Robert Mapplethorpe.


Then Complete this Assignment after doing the above readings: Click here to answer Discussion Questions 1.

In reflection: click here

Reading Quiz 1: click here

Then watch a Video Lecture Below about the STRUCTURE of the United States Constitution:



For additional Resources on Section 1: Click here


Next, Move on to section 2….

Section 2: Civic agency must be realized through a confrontation of identity with a moving law and society.

First Complete the Inquiry Questions:  click here.


Next, You should read each of the following readings from Section 2:

Clash of the civilizations

Quest for legal sovereignty

Letter from a Birmingham jail
Law, Society & Justice with D+CPAR

Politics of land reform

Meet Asmaa.

After finishing the reading (and taking great notes!) anser the following in order:

Discussion Questions 2: click here

In Reflection 2: click here.

Reading Quiz 2  click here to take the second quiz

For additional Resources for Section 2 click here

March 30th to April 7th

Please continue on to…

Section 3 Civic advocacy through critical modern problems.

read each of the following readings:

Brown v. Board doll studies

Power of self-definition

Planned Parenthood v. Casey

 For additional resources for Section 3 click here




April 20-26



April 27th – May 3rd

read each of the following readings:

The modern clerkship Ginsberg

In those years

Declaration of Independence v Lincoln’s Portrait


Complete these Discussion Questions: click here

Continue on to Section 4   Civic advocacy through action research in the community.

read each of the following readings:

Marbury v. Madison

Then Complete: In Reflection 3: click here.

Then Continue Reading from Section 4:

Behavioral theory of organizations

Federalist paper 47

Confronting class

If the war goes on

Plessy v. Ferguson



Google Form for Looking for Palestine (Optional Assignment): click here




Extra Credit Options WILL CLOSE May 30: Pick one from below and email me your work.

a. Research Supreme Court Justices: click here to see my example: You need to make your own table or list for this assignment

b. Write a Zine about using the law to resist domination. Click here to learn how to write a zine.

c. Find an OER for legal education and email it to me – it must satisfy all requirements of Wiley Blog to get credit: click here to read the Wiley blog.

d. Write a 2-3 Page Essay – how do the course materials apply to the COVID crisis and governmental response or non-governmental social relations in your neighborhood?