Introduction to Criminal Justice | Outline


Week 1
(Dates to be filled in by Student on last day of week 1)
P-Prim Diagnostic: Verbal and Written.

Week 2

Getting to know everyone and special guest Anthony Chatman.
PowerPoint: Lecture One Law and Edu: Copywrong click here for Video Lecture

Big Idea: Intellectual Property, Influence of the Rich (elites), definitions of crime, enforcement as arbitrary and capricious, resistance of lower classes and younger generations. Basis for OER work.

Continued conversation with Mr. Chatman and special guests – what advice for students today?
In Class Test: End of 2nd Week Diagnostic; also on Google Form.

Do Now: 1 Page Essay: Due next Wednesday
Career, major, program, skillsThis is a getting to know you assignment and will be graded as Pass/Fail. Failure to complete this assignment will result in a final grade of INC, Incomplete.


Week 3
Interactive Lecture Two – Example SLO: LSA Law and Evil: Witchcraft, a very brief historical introduction

Big Idea: Structure of crime/justice changes over time, introduction to rationality, religion and morals, empirical realities, court structures and standards of evidence

Thursday: Investigation Assignment- click here – Due Monday

Week 4
Quiz: structural/historical/pov

Guest Presentation: Anthony Chatman – Intro to Investigative Function

Week 5
Do Now: Begin Sherlock Holmes: Pages 1-44; click here for reading
PowerPoint: Lecture 3: Foucault, Revolutionary Criminals and the Middle Class.

In Class Activity: Begin Clue

Big Idea: Small Group Discusion: What have you learned about logical deduction from the Sherlock Holmes Story thus far?

Week 6
Continue Sherlock Holmes:

Big Idea: Large Class Dialogue: How does the reading apply to the transition from agriculture to the Industrial Revolution? How does history influence the structure of crime and policing? Where did prisons come from?

Week 7

Sherlock – Pages 44 to End.

SPRING BREAK STARTS 4/19; Classes Begin again April 29

Week 8
Watch Sherlock: Film in class

Mr. Chatman Slide Show for Midterm Prep: Click here

Critical Thinking Video for Midterm Prep: Click here

Midterm Prep Handout: Click Here

Thursday: MIDTERM EXAM Multiple Choice (25Q) & Sherlock Case Study

Extra Credit Assignment: Film Photo-Essay (3 pages) Due end of Week 9. Watch another Sherlock film or a film about a Detective and write a three page essay using photos.


Week 9

Big Idea: Small group discussion to Large Class Dialogue: Tech, Artificial Intellegence, Crime today – compare/contrast
Begin Draft Final Reflection Essay in class
Discuss Final Reflection Essay Draft
Extra Credit Photo Essay Due

Week 10
Essay, PPT, other

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13
Discuss Presentations and Grading Rubric

Final Exam:

Case Study Comprehensive Long Essay Answer

Multiple Choice (10Q)