Justice Academy Resources

The Center for Career Development & Experiential Learning will be hosting an Information Session with the US Secret Service on Monday, November 8th at 1pm.

Join the Center for Career Development & Experiential Learning on Monday, November 8th at 1pm for an Information Session facilitated by a Special Agent!  You will learn about career opportunities with the United States Secret Service.


Attend Here on MS Teams:  https://bit.ly/KCCSecretService



JOHN JAY COLLEGE Advising Information:

Kingsborough CC Thursday 10/14/2021 12:00pm-1:30pm https://jjay-cuny.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMof-CoqTkoG9VcXAmwDEJCDLXm24m6FKYR



NY State Police Exam now open:

The New York State Police has a long history of outstanding public service that is characterized by integrity, fairness, and professionalism.  Since 1917, State Troopers have proudly served in all areas of this State.  The mission of the New York State Police is a simple one:  To serve, protect, and defend the people while preserving the rights and dignity of all. Our agency is comprised of nearly 5,000 sworn personnel and more than 800 non-sworn employees.  Over the years, members of the New York State Police have played a vital role in helping to make New York State a safer place.

Our agency has embarked on a recruitment drive to seek out the very best candidates to take our entrance examination scheduled throughout April 2022. With the help of local colleges and universities assisting us with our recruitment effort, we can fulfill this mission.  This letter intends to offer my assistance in making information available about the State Police to students and alumni that have expressed an interest in a career in law enforcement.  Interested students can register to take the entrance examination by visiting www.JoinStatePolice.ny.gov during our application period, now through April 10th, 2022.

We are available to speak to your students about employment opportunities within our agency.  Employment information is available on our website www.JoinStatePolice.ny.gov or please contact us at (212) 459-7752 / 7753 or by email at NYCRECRUIT@troopers.ny.gov.

We understand that there are still COVID-19 restrictions in place; however would it be possible for the NYSP to set up a table either within your facility (fully masked and in compliance with regulations) or outside in order to spread the word about our entrance exam to your students?  Please feel free to post this career opportunity on your respective school websites and social media outlets (see attached recruitment flyer).  Thank you for your assistance in this matter, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.









Latest news from John Jay advisors:

they should contact us at cja@jjay.cuny.edu.

Latest news from Kingsborough advisors: Make sure you’re on track to graduate by making an appointment to see your advisor! 

To speak to your academic advisor, check CUNYFirst to see who your assigned advisor is and make an appointment via STARFISH to see them.  If you are part of a special population (College Discovery or ASAP), make sure you reach out to your specific program advisor.  If no advisor is listed on your CUNYFirst, you can drop in the virtual zoom offices for your respective academic advisement office for information.  Academies are split up by major.



Education & Justice Academy:
Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education/Child Care, Education Studies, Physical Education, Recreation & Recreation Therapy

Contact info: 718-368-4911, Education&Justice.Academy@kbcc.cuny.edu




1) For students who are unsure of which area of CRJ they would like to focus on, is there a process in the Academy Advising Center for these students to explore the options and tracks?

Since we are advising for our CRJ major, which does not have concentrations (sub-plans), our advisement does not include the exploration of different CRJ areas.  This is something we can definitely explore, and with the proper information, assist students with, if it will be beneficial for them prior to their transition to the 4 year college.

2) What information is provided to students about class offerings at John Jay if they chose to transfer?

We do not provide information about course offerings at John Jay. When students transition to John Jay, they meet with an Advisor who reviews their transfer credit evaluation, confirms their major and discusses course offerings and selections.

3) Who do students need to contact if they have a question about transfer from or graduating from KCC?

The students’ KCC Academic Advisor should be the first point of contact for questions about graduating from KCC and/or their transition to John Jay or transfer to another 4 year college.  We work very closely with the CJA at John Jay and have contacts there for issues and questions that are beyond our scope.

4) How are students who are not interested in transferring but instead going to the police academy identified?

Those students that meet with an Advisor, are asked about their plans after graduation.  Students that disclose their interest in the police academy are referred to the Career Development Center to speak with the NYPD recruiters that visit campus throughout the Spring and Fall.

It’s important to note that not all CRJ students have advisors in the Education & Justice Academy.  There are CRJ majors in ASAP, College Discovery and the FLEX program as well.

5) Is there a common listserve for CRJ that faculty can access to send out emails and announcements?

We currently do not have have a listserve where emails and announcements are sent out to students.  Advisors currently use STARFISH to send out communications to their caseload of students.

6) How can we strengthen relationships between faculty and advisors?

This is something I’m excited about, as our students would benefit from the academy/advisors and department/faculty, having a stronger relationship.  Look forward to brainstorming and discussing what this looks like moving forward.