American Legal System

Welcome to American Legal System with Jason Leggett

This class has been co-designed with Helen Margaret Nasser and Tsubasa Berg and has been developed over three years of extensive research and practice in civic learning and democratic engagement with students.

Course Materials

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The required book for my POL 6300, 6600, AND 6700 courses, Law and Identity (Preliminary Edition), is published and distributed by Cognella Academic Publishing. The book is now available for purchase in both print and digital formats

To purchase the text, please follow the instructions below:
To purchase the textbook, please follow the instructions below.


 available online at  1. Visit

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3. Select your state and then your university from the dropdown menu.

4. Scroll to find your course listing and select your textbook from the list of available course materials. Choose your preferred textbook format, and follow the checkout instructions to complete your purchase. Payment can be made using all major credit cards.
The pricing information for the text is as follows:


Print Price: $55.95
Digital Price: $50.95

*Digital access: To access digital materials, you will need an Adobe ID and the free Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software installed on your computer.

If you experience any difficulties, please email or call 800.200.3908 ext. 503.

Additional Course Work

To supplement your understanding of the course we will begin with a “Going South”. Your first weekly quizzes will be based on these readings. You can find the reading and assignment list on the Outline page.



Course Website Overview:

Course Website:

There are also numerous opportunities to earn extra credit and I am happy to work with student clubs, outside groups, and alternative learning environments.