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Getting started in my legal studies classes.

“Suggested” Pre-Requisite: Pol 51 and Soc 31.

There are no formal requirements for Justice Academy and Liberal Arts students as to pre-requisites although students who have a strong foundation in American Government, State Government, and Sociology will already be familiar with much of the course content. If you have not taken these courses yet or have time to review some big principles before the course begins (or during the course if you so desire) I have prepared resources that you can access on the Student Resources page (click here). I will also include some background teaching information throughout the course on these major principles listed below:

Structures of Modernism: Enlightenment (Truth through Reason; Agora for Dialogue): Legislature not Monarchy; Self-Rule, Reliance, Freedom not Dependency and Servitude. Interpretation, Norms, and Exegesis: an Independent Judiciary as Par Excellence of Enlightenment. Leviathan, Devil we Know-Limits on the Abuse of Power, Federalism, and The Presidency.

Sociological Investigations: Institutions, Ideology, Instrumentalities. Social Construction. Norms, Rules, and Wonderlands. Deconstruction of Modernism.

Legal Change: A synthesis of a 3rd way. Beyond duality.







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