Resource List

Introduction: Hi, I am Daemon, a online resource libarian. If you need help learning more about the injustice of racism, first look through the list of resources that are found in your Reader: The Law and Identity Reader. You might then scroll down to find helpful youtube videos that provide both lectures and supplemental material that might help you with context. If you are still curious or want more resources, fill out this form (click here) and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Happy searching!


Racism Resources

Atlantic Slave Trade. (Click here)
American Indian Quasi-Sovereignty (Click here)
Constitution & James Wilson/George Mason/John Adams (Click here)
Scott v. Sandford & Frederick Douglass  (Click here)
Plessy v. Ferguson & MLK Why We Can’t Wait (See Reader)
Patricia Hill Collins (Click here) and see Reader
Brown v. Board of Education Doll Studies (Click here)
Racial Politics, Policing, Corrections, and a  Brief Accounting of Criminal Justice (Click here)


Previous Video Lectures Relevant to the Study of Racial Injustice:

Commentaries on the New Jim Crow

Commentaries on Going South