Zine Peer Review


What is one observation or question you have about these Zines?
What I observed about some Zines is that when they presented it they make you understand it explain it piece by piece they break it down for example what is it, who came up with it, how can you prevent it from happening to you and if it happened to you what should you do.
In my opinion there was a lack of comparison of supreme court cases that could help to apply the legal language into the zine projects.
The zines are amazing and very informative. It is a good trial given the fact that it was the first time most of us had to create something like this.
how can we realize our mistakes?
In what way do all of these groups have connections ?
-What steps can we make to improve them and make them even stronger?
Can these type of zines be used at courts when presenting an idea about a case?
most of these zines bring up a similar issue such as the black lives matter movement
No questions
I would want to know what made them choose those topics, what made them want to do their zine project about that topic?
I see that a lot of people have chose Zines more about what’s going on in society now. I believe people go with what the year has to offer us. The trends people follow and the way people think about social changes
An interesting observation is the language used. Some Zines uses language that may bored the readers, others bring examples to keep it interesting. Also, creativity while creating them should be essential.
One observation about these zines is that how each students come up with a different idea to write about,
What inspired them to make Zines about the topic they chose? In other words, why did they choose those topics? Also, I see that almost all the Zines have some sort of images or graphs which is a very good way to understand for somebody that is a visual learner.
Alot of the zines had pictures to go along with their presentation