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Finally, how do you think social groups define deviant behavior, maintain control over other social groups, and respond to resistance, rebellion or protest from social groups who do not want to be controlled or labelled?
It is extremely difficult to narrow down how groups respond to deviant behavior, due to the fact that there is a difference in how each group may view the meaning of the word deviant. There may be some actions that to some it may seem as fighting for what is correct and are seeking justice. While other groups may view such behaviors as being rebellious. An example of this is what recently occurred in the United States Capitol, in which a group of people gathered together in an attempt to overthrow democracy because they were not in agreement with the outcome of the current election. The people involved in these protests saw their behavior as being justifiable because they were fighting for something, they believed in. While other social groups viewed this type of behavior as rebellious, and criminal. A comparison was made between the protests that occurred during the summer for Black Lives Matter when people came together to protest against police brutality and what recently occurred. Each of the social groups viewed the other groups approach as unacceptable, mainly because they each have their own way of thinking and fighting for their rights. This makes it difficult for social groups to maintain control over each other because each group has their own set of rules and way of doing things within their environment. Many of the people within these social groups do not respond well when they are being told what to do and how to act. They become resistant because they do not want to be controlled by other groups. What may seem as rebellious to one group may not be viewed as the same by another group.
I think the only time certain social groups define deviant behavior and maintain control over other social groups is if they are larger in size and they have a authority control over other social groups. Lets take for example democrats and republicans. Republicans would have control when they over power democrats which is through presidency and democrats would have control vise versa. some social groups like the group of voters would protest in order to fight back the law for the scene they have created or the crime that has been occurred by the law itself which was wrong of them to do. Social groups like the people of the book aka people of the law can over power the law when they want.
The dominant cultures use force to maintain their control over their subjects and sometimes even use education to create a new generation that is willing to obey to the dominant culture.
Social groups may define deviant behavior as going against social norms, ‘NOT’ having shared, or similar characteristics, or collectively do not have a sense of social unity. Usually, they would maintain control over other social groups through power,  influence, and privilege. This type of social control is also directed through institutional power, its the official authority to decide what is best for others. Social control can also be maintained through prejudice or stereotypes. Social groups with power, influence and privilege would usually respond to resistance, rebellion or protest from other social groups who do not want to be controlled or labelled with oppression, and or discrimination (racism, sexism, hetrosexism, classism, ageism, and anti-semitism) and if all else fails they would usually resort with violence over the controlled or labelled group.
I think different social groups define deviant behavior based on their own cultural norms. For example, their religion, economics, and resources. I believe they maintain control over other social groups and respond to resistance or rebellion through intimidation. This intimidation can be through social, economic, or military terms. I also believe they respond to protesting through intimidation. This can be through military, economic, or political standpoints.
Deviant behavior, according to social groups, is the actions that are deemed to violate the set rules that have been enacted. As such, they are guaranteed rights and freedoms that are legally and morally accepted. The creation of safer and conducive laws that govern social groups is one of the best ways of overcoming rebellion and resistance among social groups (Legal Information Institute).
This question is great but needs a lengthy discussion because Deviant isn’t really defined universally. I see that each social group define in to what’s out of their norms which can be different than the norms of any other group and thru minority social groups suppress and speak or action that can be area classified as rebellious or resistance.
Social groups define behavior if they have to. Some people have different opinions about laws and rules and they fight for certain rights. The fight is always going to be present as no constitution is perfect or equal for everyone. Some social groups don’t want to be labeled because they don’t want to be put in a box of what they believe in.
I think a lot of maintained control that certain social groups hold over others stems from the buildup of power exertion over time. At a certain point, if one group is suppressed long enough then rebellion and resistance poses no threat to those in control. Over time, society is inherently conditioned to subconsciously learn that one group maintains strong control over the other. Deviant behavior then becomes defined as anything that deviates from the norm of the social group “in control” or anything that brings the controlled group closer to the controlling one. This allows for incrimination and punishment of the controlled. 
Essentially it comes down to who’s in power and who’s not. The groups in power push their ideology, beliefs, and lifestyles as the dominant way of being and those who appose are the deviant minority. Rebellions and protests are based on the premiss of unfair treatment and the inequalities faced by the minority groups.
Well i feel social groups impact a lot of behavior. It is often that a social group would be linked with similar agendas and mindset to the point that they would seek about ways to spread their influence.
I believe that social groups respond to other social groups prostrating by allowing them to exercise their first amendment rights the rights of expression being religious ; speech ; press .
You mean what I think about the unwritten rules that society has chosen upon that is considered to be overstepped their boundarie like choosing to sit and eat on the floor of a McDonalds. It’s not about the feeling that I belong. I did protest this summer on demanding justice for 50a to repeal and police perteltion.

People take various actions to express their doubts, values, and beliefs, which is in sharp contrast to the regulatory preparations followed by the community.

Well as society how do we define what is deviant behavior? something that is not of the norm, as well as it causes harm to the social group or to society, it bewilders us. In so we look at those actions of that individual as deviant behavior. What is one thing you need to have in possession that will give you absolute control in our world? Money. That is how one social group controls another social group, with money you control, having control you have power, you maintain or gain high statue level in a world that is ran by money. Money will give you control over the aspects of life of another group because you are now predominantly able to influence the things that surround their lives, rather its a municipal, or businesses that sell materialistic intendances or the most powerful. Media, because it todays world i ask myself i know who owns apple, samsung, sony, but who OWNS media? the government? or a rich, powerful man. The responses on one social group to another’s outcry of being controlled or labelled can go two ways, the group will sympathize and help the other social group strive for their needs, or the racism of individuals or even the whole group itself will not be implicit anymore but explicit and it will take on a form of trying to challenge the other social group needs to something of their own agenda. Ex: BLM was about their needs of social change certain individuals tried to fight their needs of equal social forums by stating Blue lives matter as well, a certain group that has never been challenged with equality, instead used to challenge another group to keep them oppressed for their need to change and cry to want to be treated as equal.
Social groups define deviant behavior as behavior that doesn’t benefit them in a positive that they can also maintain or control order. one example was with the Black Lives Matter protest was overall peaceful with the exception of very little outliers however there was an apposing side who said they All Lives Matter and many of them decided to invade the Capitol with physical force.
I think social groups define deviant behavior as a crime. They maintain control over other social groups by social influence, interaction, and communication. They respond to resistance, rebellion, or protest from social groups who do not want to be controlled or labeled by setting laws and consequences for groups that break these laws.
I think social gropus define deviant behavior as somehting they dislike or find inappropriate. Some social groupsp use their powers or rights to control other groups. Some groups resisit as to not be controlled which leads to the socail group they are resiting considering them “deviant” or troublesome. Some social groups protest in peace or violence but the way they are labled are based off of the perspective of the socail group they are protesting agasint. The BLM protest of 2020 had peaceful protesters and the it had people who wanted to add fuel to the fire and make it seem like other people of color/minorites were less important but because of the social group they were protesting agaisnt saw them all the same the two became mixed and had a mixed label placed on the BLM social group.
I believe no one wants to be controlled and what not
Social groups define deviant behavior as acts that violates social norms. Behavior that go against what the government has ruled as right, or law. The state offers all these liberties in return we must try to maintain order and try to live with one another. Respect we share with those whom have different ideas as you do. When rebellion or protest occurs, at times, in order to defuses it, the government states that a law has been broken and must be punished. That is when broken homes come in because members of a certain household is sent to jail or prison. Those whom do not want to be controlled or labelled at times are lost in the system, are called rebels and are stripped of their liberties and ideas.
Social groups define deviant behavior as being disruptive or menacing to society. For social groups to maintain control over other social groups would be unfair and unjust. And for social groups to respond to resistance, rebellion, or protest from another social group who does not want to be controlled or labelled would be an example of injustice.
I think social groups define deviant behavior based on rules and “norms” during the time, and maintain control over other social groups based on wealth. I also believe that social groups respond to resistance, rebellion and protest from groups that don’t want to be labelled negatively, because in the case of the America were living in now