Ask a ?

Ask a question: make up a question you think would be good for another student to answer. 


Should we incorporate socioeconomic status in standardized testing?


What kind of a role does observance and perceiving play on the total interpretation of the topic.


Why do you think Deland used basketball to explain the Key of Law?


Would you follow an order from a superior, even if you know it’s wrong?


Using what you learned from the article “Basketball in the Key of Law”, what other situations may you apply the “Key of Law’ or use legal interpretation and reasoning?


What can you learn from watching a court case?


Do you think this theory is applicable in practice?


In the article, the writer said that “there might be a tendency to expect that the biggest, tallest, most skilled, most popular, or most aggressive players rule the day”. If these players represent the rich people or those who live in the upper classes in reality, do you agree the law is more advantageous for the rich people or not? Explain. 
Being that the key of law has opened up a understanding behind social actors behavior in basketball, how can we compare the key law in basketball to other areas in the world?


Do you think real rules of basketball would make it easier for people who play pick-up basketball ? Why or Why not ?


Could we improve the governments legal way of actions if we started to learn from things like pick up basketball?


Does a referee have more legitimacy in calling out rule breaking compared to a player on the court?


Can you describe another day to day activity and explain the “Key of Law” concept using that day to day activity? 


1. Who acts as a judge for pick-up basketball players to choose the true version of the game in case of a dispute? 2. Who has the right to call a foul in the game and what does it mean? 3. What grounds does the player have on which he can legally make a call and how can this be interpreted from a legal point of view? 4. What does setting a precedent in the game mean?


How does this relate to the laws in place today?


Did you understand Deland’s “Key of Law”, without interpretation?


How do you think Delands “key of law ” apply to day-to day life situations outside the court room?


Why people argue or dispute over a pickup game ?


Do you believe the key of law is used in our everyday practices ?


Should we take race into account for high school admissions?
How do you feel about the BLM movement?
How has racial injustices change overtime?
How do you think legal resistance helps when trying to defy unjust or oppressive legal powers?
Do you think there should be a law passed protecting black lives? and if this law is broken should you be held accountable in person ?
Why do you believe there is abuse in law enforcement that is sometimes overlooked?
In the article, the author mentioned the confederate flag. Do you think the state have the right to ban the confederate flag? And do you think the ban is in violation of the first amendment’s free speech clause?
Does the Key of law as it  relates to Basket Ball gives the impression that real laws are enacted only when they are beneficial to the Legislature and their friends and not the general public. Similar to each team wants the rule of the game to work for them and not all the teams.
What does Black lives matter mean to you ? Do you think the criminal justice system is basis when it comes to minorities ?
Do you believe that the racial power is utilized through the violence and ideology of law? 
when does the 4th amendment not apply? 
what would you do if you the one written this book 
What is the dissonance between the narrative of the law and the life experience with racism in the author’s opinion?
What examples, lessons, or rules you can give to beat a racism, and white supremacy.
With the Black Lives Matter Protest going on for 2 years now, do you believe there been any improvements regarding the system? 
Do you agree or disagree with Lawrence when he says “This is the lesson of Black Lives Matter. Our children are “Teaching Ferguson”?