Week 1
Getting to know each other
Reading: Indigenous Rights in Mayan Mine: Write 1 Page Summary – due Thursday

Click here to get reading.

Thursday In Class Writing: 1 Page Generative Essay: Eco-CosmoVision for a Video Game.

Imagine you are working for a video game company that wants to create a new video game that will educate people about how to prepare and respond to a natural disaster but also make the game fun. The levels are already designed but the overall theme has yet to be developed. What points of view should the company consider? How should it be marketed to college students?

Week 2
Continued conversation
Lecture: (Working Title) Systems, Population, Disease, Emergency Response, Apocalypse, Cosmovisions

Extra Credit Writing Assignment: Politics of JBWR Visit and Review –

End of 2nd Week Diagnostic
(link to Google Form)

Week 3

Women’s History Event: What does resistance sound like?

Discuss: Eco-Fest Teams: Interview Scientists, Table for Information, Make and Distribute Advertising Materials.

Thursday: Watch Coyowolf Documentary:

Civic Engagement Activities: Click here

Week 4

Powerpoint: Example SLO – Systems, Wolves, Population (see video-Colon) Media, Profit, Wolfpack, Reporting, Narrow Casting

Big Idea: Population (N in a given set) causes X (wolf behavior, human reaction/journalist behavior, human understanding/action)

Wednesdsay Quiz – Systems Thinking thus far: Land
Review – Land, Air, Sea

Thursday: Political Engagement Presentation
Thursday, March 28th
MAC Rotunda

Week 5
Begin Student Produced OER “Chapter 1”
Kids Introduction Lesson in teams: Land, Air, Sea

Week 6
SPOER1 Teams Continued: Land, Air, Sea
Pollution: Kids Lesson in teams: Land, Air, Sea

Week 7
Writing Workshops

Reflection on Reflection Letter

Begin again April 29

Week 8

Plastic Paradise: Oil, Plastic Production, Capitalism, Consumerism, Systems: Toward Practical Solutions.

Week 9

Final Eco-Fest Prep and Run Through on Monday and Wednesday

Eco-Fest Thursday 11:30 or 12:40 – Plastic Paradise Film Screening and Discussion

Friday – optional extra credit opportunities.

Week 10

Writing Workshops Revisit Reading: Indigenous Rights in Mayan Mine: Annotate and bring to class Monday: Methods and Results

Week 11
Writing Workshops Continued

Week 12
Lecture: Government & Law (Law and Politics): Law as Ambiguous (exegesis).
Big Idea: Law is not a Universal Ideal but rather a construction of groups overpowering other groups and enforcing will (material interests); resistance is then not “illegal” but…

Click here for PhotoEssay by Jason Leggett  (reflection-research)

Click here for another PhotoEssay by Jason Leggett (reflection-critical)

Begin Reflection Essays

Grading Rubric: Click here

Week 13
KCC Nature Walk and Talk

Final Exam: Kids lesson in Groups: Presentations ; How to Grade?