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Readings for Week


Thursday July 5 Culture & Legal Myths: Pocahontas and tales of domination over Mother Earth; examining institutions, instrumentalities, and ideologies. Click here for Article: Political Ecology, Forsyth

Click here for Article:Feminist Environmental Justice, Gaard

Click here for Trail Smelter Case, or click here for NYT article

Click here for EPA v. Homer City Generation

Video Lecture EPA v. Homer City by clicking here


Click here for Excerpt: Reading Law, Scalia 

Click here for Article:Tragedy of the Commons, Hardin

Click here for Article: Avoiding Tragedy of the Commons, Abernethy

Wednesday July 11 Thinking: Small Group Interactive Activity

Agenda Setting



Window of Opportunity

Thought Paper 1 Due Kingdon, 1-4; 16-18; 197-199; 224-230,




Thursday July 12 Introduction to Dialogue as Dialectics of Rights of inclusion & exclusion: International Environmental Law & Politics Click here for Article, Indigenous Rights, Fulmer, Godoy, Neff 

Click here for Website: United Nations Environmental Law

Wednesday July 18 Thinking: Small Group Ad writing activity: Overpopulation Thought Paper 2 Due Click here for Excerpt:Silent Spring, Carson

Click here for Lecture Essay: Law & Property: Exclusion as National Interest; Writing as Reflective Civic Discourse

Thursday July 19 Analyzing Law, Theorizing Society.

Visual click here: Actors

Visual click here: overview

Draft Proposal Due Kingdon, 249-262; 231-247;

Click here for Case: Massachusetts v. EPA


Read a recent identity politics column by a Barnard Political Science Professor by clicking here

Wednesday July 25 Ideas- be prepared to discuss with me the main point of this reading and how it applies to your policy proposal paper.
Meet with me and Teaching Assistants indivudally for feedback.
Kingdon, 125-144
Thursday July 26 Media


Presentations in small groups and Feedback KIngdon, 57-61

Kingdon, 21-42

Wednesday August 1 We have been invited to participate with the Global Politics class who will also be sharing presentations. Presentations and Feedback We have the first 20 minutes to present our work: how best can we do this? We are then encouraged to provide Wows and Wonders and feedback to the Global Politics students.
Thursday August 2 Legal Mobilization & Policy Processes (You need to apply these readings in reflection through dialogue and consider using in your papers).
Final Proposal Paper Due Click here for NYT article: People’s Climate Change March
Click for Excerpt: RIghts at Work, McCann