Environmental Politics | Outline

Week Dates Topic/ In Class Work Readings/ Assignments
1 March 5 – 9 Kids lesson climate change with poppy


Lecture: overstated future generations will bear burden and cost

Click here for reading: Desertification
2 12-16 Us policy – make a 1 sheet in class based on Desertification reading Click here for US Environmental Policy Reading


Attendance Rosters Due to College

3 19-23 International policy and law Click here for International Law and Policy Reading: Climate



Course Withdrawal Process

4 26-30 Conventions, frameworks, protocols, laws Click here for Kyoto Protocol Reading




Kids Lesson Due with Read Aloud in Groups organized by academic interest: personal, academic, career

5 April 2 -6 Spring Recess begins March 30 and ends April 8;  No Work
6 9-13 Ny law and policy

Practice inaturalist on campus

Click here for NY Environmental Policy Reading


7 16-20 Local actions voting join personal Click here for local election and government reading
8 23-27 Ecology blog regina

Eco fest group leaders

Click here to review Ecologist Regina Alvarez’ Blog


Make Up Final Examinations

9 30 – May 4 Gap science art- humanities


Click here for reading: photo essay
10 7-11 Eco-Fest Activty: Bio Blitz Teams with Civic Expert

Leadership of groups, volunteers

iNaturalist and Photo-Documentation

11 14-18 Eco fest informal reports and discussion Feedback and data organizing
12 21-25 Nature of problems

Causation, social behaviors, predictions

Draft and mindmap due – peer group review
13 30 – June 1 Nature of solutions

Adopt, amend, abandon statement

Letter of Advocacy from Bio-Blitz data and GOTV action plan for self-identified community due
14 June 4 Last Class

Policy paper peer review

Attendance Rosters Due to College; Pre-Self Assessment