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Guiding Principles (Methodology)

  1. New ideas should be based in material reality, in other words, things that can actually be accomplished by people in the short and long term.
  2. Ideas should target people who are interested and willing to act.
  3. Our information should focus on knowledge of law and knowledge that lawyers can use in social relations and governmentality.

Table of Contents


Chapter one: Pollution

Chapter two: Food

Chapter three: Children

Chapter four: Systems & Water Management (honors project)


Draft Paragraph: We have new ideas about envrionmental problems and the harm caused by polluters. We assume everything humans do either 1) helps; 2) harms; or 3) maintains the environment we live in with humans and non-human life. It all plays a part; it is all intertwined. In this OER we present (and examine?) long term and short term causes related to human actions.

Chapter One.

Chapter Two.

Chapter Three.



Ideas and Brain Storm:

Media Pollution

Government Pollution Industries

Kids Lesson

Food Systems

Sustainable Design Honors Project

Starting a Not For Profit in New York

Week 1 September 10-14.

Overview: Final Project: Writing a Textbook Chapter for an OER
Premise of OER Work

Week 2 September 17-21. No classes 19th.

Interactive Lecture: Problem of Climate Change: Ideas, Media, Government
Reading: Click here
Reading: Click here

Week 3 September 24-27. Academic Research – Example Project: Video Game

Graded Reading Quiz 1
Interactive Lecture: Conducting Academic Research
Reading: Click here

Week 4 October 1-4.: Presentations: OER CHAPTER

Graded Presentations: What are you working on? How does it relate to our Ideas,

Week 5 October 8-12. Law and Politics of the Environment: Theory

Reading: Click here
Reading: Click here
Video: Click here
Interactive Lecture: Theory and Law and Politics of Environment

Week 6 October 15-19. Review.

Graded Reading Quiz 2

Week 7 October 22-26. Peer Review and Writing across Disciplines….

Graded Assignment: Draft for Peer Review Due
Interactive Lecture: Writing Across the Disciplines.

Week 8 October 29- November 2. Science and Environmental Law & Politics.

Reading: click here

Reading: click here

Interactive Lecture: Tragedy of the Commons: Rationalism and Radical Theories of Power

Week 9 November 5-9. Group Work:
Groups of 4-6: write a brief statement, 1-2 paragraphs, summarizing your learning about Ideas, Media, and Government as it relates to a global – environmental issue in politics. How is law exercised: institutions and instrumentalities of power.

Week 10 November 12-16. Review.

Interactive Lecture: Ideas, Media, Government framework? 3 i’s of Power.
Reading: Click here 

Review Final Assignments and Grading

Week 11 November 19-23. No Class November 22-25.

Reading: Click here

Interactive Lecture: Trail Smelter and Graphic Information Systems – Geography, Time, and Space of Social Relations and Nature – Ideology.

Week 12 November 26-30. Final Assignment Review

Reading: Click here 

Lecture Reading: Click here

Interactive Lecture: Law and Property, Praxis and Theory.

Week 13 December 3 – 7.
Reading: Click here 

Interactive Lecture: Dialogue in Reflection – Documented OER C+CPAR Co-Design Process.

Assignment: Final Essay Due


Graded Final Reading Exam: Long Answer – Essay.