Research Project Essay Instructions

Project Instructions:    Please read carefully.

You need to think about an injustice in society. I have the following categories that you can choose from or you can propose your own. You will need to research how this topic is covered or addressed here on campus. For example, if you choose Immigration you can see how Student Life promotes immigrant issues. Then you will research how that strategy is similar or different than other strategies in other communities using academic sources like JSTOR. You can learn more at the library website:

They key to this research assignment is dialogue: we want to develop conversations with people who represent different points of view. This will help us understand injustice and law better. Here are possible injustice-power relates topics:

Migration (Global):
Criminal Justice Reform
Addiction / Recovery
Classroom / Common Spaces Improvement
Technology and Learning for Global Citizenship and Sustainability

You will need to identify a campus partner that is working on this particular issue. You should start with the office of student life website:

But also consider the Men’s Resource Center, the Women’s Resource Center, the Radio Station, the Scepter Student Newspaper, and the Urban Farm.

You must examine how one of the topics above, or one you propose, relates to injustice and power. You want to pay specific attention to the groups involved, their collective interests and identities, and how these groups advocate for change or to keep the status quo or things as they are.

The final paper should be 5 pages and include at least 3 scholarly citations – 2 must be from the course reader.

There are plenty of ways to conduct research so please let me know if you need help. You can email me at and please be sure to tell me what your topic is and why you are interested in the topic.

You will need to email me a draft of your paper for peer review on October 26. Please email me at