Questions and Answers

So we would have to come on this website in order to do assignments and how would we get graded?

Assignments are 30% of your final grade. Quizzes are based on points. Discussion questions will be graded based on how well you show me you understand the readings and can apply them. Most of your grade will be determined by your final research paper and your final exam.

I was just confused with the question about social injustices being defined through case laws as politically protected groups.

In this class you will learn things about the world and things about yourself. Part of the process will be confusing because you will be confronting this kind of learning for the first time (for some of you). Many people assume they have political rights but as you will see these rights are not guaranteed nor are they applied equally to all groups.

Is the class online or it meets every Wednesday from 3-6:20 pm ?

This class is an online class. I also teach a section on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in F-319 at 10:20 – 11:20. You are welcome to come by if you are able.

I am not very computer savy but I am a very hard working student that try my very best.

I understand that learning a new online platform can be challenging. I appreciate that you each try your best and always feel free to email me at ; But what I care about the most is that you learn. Completing the readings, taking the quizzes, and thinking deeply about the discussion questions will help you earn a good grade on your final paper and exam. I care about completing your major assignments and thinking deeply more than I care about how well you can use the online platform. I will NEVER punish you for tech-related challenges. There are numerous ways we can work together if you are having trouble.

Is there a direct contact number for you professor? This is my first time ever takimg an online class and may need some time to get the hang of it but, i’ll learn quick.

I prefer to meet in person or use email. I do not generally use a phone (I know – it makes me weird). I can call you from my Kingsborough Office Phone during my office hours Monday and Wednesday from 11:30 – 12:30 if you need that.

How do we know if assignments have been submitted? I have already submitted answers to the first two questions asked and didn’t get a confirmation on it. Will future assignments be confirmed?

I must confess when students email or ask me “how they are doing” it is a bit annoying. This is because when you transfer to a four year college or when you start your career we expect that you know how you are doing. You should keep track of what assignments you complete. The quizzes give the correct answers which you should keep in your notes. I do not do progress reports or check ins. When you click submit I get the assignment. I will let you know if you are falling too far behind or failing but I simply cannot confirm assignments because I have over 120 students each semester. I am happy to discuss your learning with you but you must tell me what you have learned so far, how you are enjoying the readings, and what you hope to get out of the class. I will not simply tell you – “you got a 6 out of 10” – because I don’t think that is valuable information. I prefer to talk to you. Please do not worry about assignment confirmations – or just doing work to get by. Think deeply and share your thoughts with me. That will be better for all of us.

Is the book necessary to complete the assignments?

is the midterm/final online as well?
There is no midterm. The final will be online in the same format as the reading quizzes only longer. You will have more than enough time to complete the exam and it is open book.

Do i have to purchase the textbook in order to do well in course?. Which email should i be sending my questions too gmail or kingsborough email?. This is my first online course.

You must get the textbook. You should email me at – the Kingsborough email is too unreliable and loaded with spam and viruses.

Will all assignments be due on the last date of each week that is shown at 11:59pm unless told otherwise?

In theory you should complete assignments the week they are assigned in ALL of your classes. However, I do not punish students for late work. I would rather you do the work than not. So, you should try to do the work as assigned but do not be afraid to do the work if you get behind – if you get too far behind email me.

do we have the whole week to complete the assignment?
See above.

For the questions online does it have to be at least paragraph?

This is a hard question to answer well. I think you should try to be as clear as possible. In general you should keep your answers short. Your grade will be determined based on the quality of your thinking not the quantity of your words.

I am concerned about my extended time on quizzes and exams and for the finale how will this work out.

I design classes that accommodate ALL learners. To that end I will work with you to make sure you have more than enough time to complete the work in a format that works best for you. I want your best work and will do what I need to in order to help you along the way. In general I keep quizzes and exams open for at least a week so you can pick a time best for you.