Jason Leggett is an Assistant Professor at Kingsborough Community College.  He holds a Juris Doctorate from Seattle University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science focused on political participation and communication.  He is primarily focused on enhancing motivation among diverse learners.  He facilitates a interactive technology and pedagogy instructor collaborative development group to address ways of using interactive technology to enhance motivation to learn for all learners.  His research and interests include the rule of law, political ecology, cultural issues within law and society, and civic education.  His current projects involve undocumented immigrants and the rule of law, and changing paradigms of inaction to climate change in vulnerable, under-served communities.

With a background dedicated to the public interest and community organizing, I focus on developing community building strategies that are inclusive off all members and that promote positive ways to change the world we live in, locally and globally. Specifically I have worked with a variety of groups and individuals in the broad categories of environmental/ecological advocacy, landscape and construction design, small business compliance, artist development and lifestyle management, and comprehensive universal education. My academic interests span a wide array of disciplines and center around global notions of the “rule of law” including the generative themes of critical ideology, evolutionary psychology and the development of legal systems, global environmental politics, interactive technology and pedagogy, and bridging the arts and sciences through the humanities. As a community-participatory action based researcher I am always looking for partnerships and ways of sharing knowledge across communities.