American Legal System | Outline

36 Course Meeting Hours

3 Additional Hours of “home” work each week.


Meeting 1: Getting to Know Each Other

Meeting 2: Diagnostic: What is Law? Why aren’t Americans using Courts to resolve conflicts/disputes? Link to Plea Bargain Statistics; Link to Settlement Statistics; Why have Courts not Popular Justice? So then What is Law?

Meeting 3: An Investigation – definitions: CORE + 4 Foucault + Wittgenstein

Meeting 4: a problem with rules – why is a Raven like a Writing desk?

Meeting 5: A Very Brief 1,2,3 of the judicial processes of the federal government and of the states

Meeting 6: Reading Quiz 1: LIR Marbury v. MadisonĀ  (85-89)

Meeting 7: We Should Have a Trial! (Part one (1 para) of Essay due at End of Semester)

Meeting 8: LIR Behavioral Theory of Organizations (89-102)

Meeting 9: Small Groups: Reading for Main Point and Purpose: LIR 89-102)

Meeting 10: Share outs: Put in your own words and identify quotes

Meeting 11: Lecture; Lecture Notes: LIR Federalist Papers No. 47 (103-111)

Meeting 12: Mid-Term Review –

Meeting 13: Small Groups: What I have learned so far; What I am still wondering.


Meeting 14: What Should We Put on Trial? How Should we Decide? (Part 2 Essay)

Meeting 15: LIR Quest for Legal Sovereignty (28-43)

Meeting: 15 Small Group Discussions; Main Point, Purpose, Reaction.

Meeting 16: In Class Writing – Synthesis

Meeting 17: LIR Letter from a Birmingham Jail 44-45

Meeting 17: Group Discussion – Defining INjustice

Meeting 18: LIR D+CPAR 46

Meeting 19: What Structure or Form Should We Use For Our Trial? (Part 3 Essay)

Meeting 20: Lecture: Foucault – Popular Justice

Meeting 21: When Shall We Conduct This Trial?

Meeting 22: Review

Meeting 23: LIR Brown v. Board Doll Studies

Meeting 24: Discussion: What Evidence Should We Use and Not Use? (Part 4 and 5 Essay)

Meeting 25: Mock Trial Demonstration (Extra Credit)

Meeting 26: Reflection: Trials

Meeting 27: Discussion: Federalist Paper 47

Meeting 28: Lecture: Divided Justice and the Politics of Legal Exclusion

Meeting 29: LIR: Miller v. California, Robert Mapplethorpe and 2 Live Crew (7-10)

Meeting 30: LIR: Obscenity Inquiry Questions Drafting In Class and Share (10 points)

Meeting 31: LIR Scott v. Sanford in Reflection (10)

Meeting 32: Review and How Will We Know the Trial is Over and To What Effect? (Final Part of Essay – 3 Paragraphs).

Meeting 33: Questions and Answers

Meeting 34: Questions and Answers Continued – Final Essay Due at Meeting 35

Meeting 35: LIR Reader Review Presentations (Extra Credit – up to 25 Points)

Meeting 36: Practice Long Essay Final Exam –

Online Review for Final Exam