American Legal System | Outline



Monday and Wednesdays

Thursdays: The Plague

One: March 5-9

Getting to know you

Law and Society Major

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In Class Reading from Elizabeth Minnich’s “The Evil of Banality” on The Plague, by Camus

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Two: March 12-16

Overview of Problem: global migration

Getting started with legal research online

 My topic sentence. Should we revise to say a “political fact”?

International migration is a fact of the global, 21st century.

 Migration with a Twist Click here

Illegal Entry click here

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Three: March 19-23

Health care – a contested right

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Part 1 Discussion

Four: March 26-30

Separation of powers theory- divided justice

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Five: April 2-6 Spring Break

Six: April 9-13

Denial of Human Rights – sociolegal problems

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Part 2 Discussion

Seven: April 16-20

International Patient Dumping and Finding Luis

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Eight: April 23-27

Montejo v. Memorial and Judicial Interpretation

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Part 2 Discussion

Nine: April 30-May 4

Interpretation continued…

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Ten: May 7-11

Legal exclusion – Indians, Africans, Chinese, Women

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Part 2 Discussion

Eleven: May 14-18

Sovereignty, Economic Development, Slavery

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Twelve: May 21-25

Human rights law – international venues

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Thirteen: May 30 – June 1

Cause of Action meets interpretation – Rule of Law (surveys perceptions of rule of law)

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 Part 3 Discussion

Fourteen: June 4-

Final Research Paper

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