Constitutional Law

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Grading: 200 points possible without extra credit. 

Online Diagnostic PPrim        10 points

Group Lab Report                    up to 30 points

Reading Quiz 1: Scott v. sandford    10 points

Campus Walk Free Write        10 points

Reading Quiz 2            10 points

Analysis Assignment            10 points

Midterm                20 points

Group Reflection Letter        20 points

Advocacy Reading Assignment    10 points

Analysis Assignment Group        10 points

Campus Happening Presentation    20 points

Campus Happening Debrief    20 points

Analysis Revision (extra credit)    10 points

Final Exam (long answer)        50 points

Calendar of Assignments, Readings, Lectures, Videos and other Course Materials

Monday Wednesday Thursday
3.4 Discussion: role power diagram

Activity: jurisdiction mapping

No Class – Online Assignment: diagnostic p-prim 

Baseline (10)

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3.9, 11, 12 Discussion: learning outcomes, transfer

Syllabus Review

Click here to review the academic options at KCC

Student Development

Click here to review the major options at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Discussion: the relationship between con law and liberal democracy; autonomy, security/welfare, participation Video Lecture: critical thinking

Discussion: critical perspectives; race, gender, class, parliamentarians

Join A Group and Begin Group Lab Report (up to 30 points): Click here for the Lab Report Word Document

3.16, 18, 19 Activity: Power123 and P-Prim Reading Quiz 1: Scott v. sandford

Discussion: Power 1 and 2

Visual symbol to Organizer table: economic base of relations, class, gender, race
3.23, 25, 26 Activity: campus walk  Debrief: campus walk  Free-write (10): Power and Campus Walk: see civic engagement essay and rubric


3.30, 4.1, 2 Reading Quiz 2 (10): Brown v. Board of Education Doll Studies, Tired of Being Labelled, Patricia Hill Collins Discussion: construct of SCOTUS; 3 i’s of Law, ideologies

Analysis Assignment (10) complete this Google Form: click here

Lecture: Ideology and Institution; Marbury v. Madison
4.6, 4.8  online midterm review: Originalism, Mapplethorpe, critical perspectives applied. Midterm open for 3 weeks (20).  SPRING BREAK SB
4.13, 15, 16 SB SB SB
4.20, 22, 23 Review: P1,P2,P3 Review: 3 i’s of Law

Lecture: the 3 I’s of Law

Activity: Advocacy Simulation; Identity + Agency
4.27, 29, 30 Group Work: Law as Ideal; Declaration of Independence, Lincoln’s Portrait, Rich Group Work: Law as Real; Quest for Legal Sovereignty, Politics of Land Reform, Remix Group Work: Reflection (20). Short letter about class so far. Dear Nobody,
5.4, 6, 7 Workshop: Advocacy Readings; main point, way of making meaning, direct quote, your understanding work on your own  work on your own; google form due for Advocacy Reading assignment: click here
5.11,13,14 Group Happening Plan Presentation and Ad for Campus Event (20) Group Happening Plan Presentation and Ad for Campus Event  Group Happening Plan Presentation and Ad for Campus Event 
5.18,20,21 Campus Happenings  Campus Happenings Group Online analysis assignment

click here. 10 points. Can be done in groups.

5.25,27,28 OFF Debrief (20) Final In Class Review for Exam

Revise analysis Assignment Due:

Click here

6.1, 3,4 advising advising  Last Class: Final Exam: long answers. 
6.8 Finals Begin








To look up Cases use Legal Information Institute by Cornell (click here) or Google Scholar (click here)

For multimedia resources (videos, etc.) click here and browse.


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